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Tony DeRienzo’s passion for cooking was ignited at a young age, thanks in large part to his Neapolitan mother, Raffaela. Growing up in Brockton, he often helped her prepare Italian feasts from scratch, including curing prosciutto in oak barrels, using a manual meat grinder to create homemade sausage, and making Italian “gravy” from the homegrown vegetables in her garden.

At Johnson and Wales, DeRienzo refined his talents and bolstered his knowledge base, and upon graduating in 1994, he joined the culinary staff of Ambrosia. Over the next few years, Tony thrived under the leadership of such renowned chefs as Tony Ambrose and Lydia Shire.

Beyond his passion for food and cooking, DeRienzo practices mixed martial arts (MMA). Tony discovered MMA four years ago when his young son started training. Recognizing the sport’s pure athleticism, DeRienzo, who has always made health and fitness a priority, immediately became involved himself. Today, he is a member of Lauzon MMA’s Team Aggression and fights throughout the Greater Boston area. Joe Lauzon, owner of Lauzon MMA and a well-respected UFC fighter, regularly utilizes DeRienzo’s talents in the kitchen and on the mat to prepare for his fights. The two train together and DeRienzo creates high-protein meal plans that Lauzon follows strictly four weeks before each fight.


Tony DeRienzo, Executive Chef